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Genetic Screening

Dtect genetic screening tests analyse genetic variations in the DNA, and are available in a wide range of individual categories.

Each test contains more comprehensive, detailed information to aid doctors, physicians and other healthcare professionals to better understand an individual’s genetic profile and provide more in-depth information and advice.

Available Dtect tests:

Dtect BRCA+Screens for inherited risks associated with breast and ovarian cancers in women.
Dtect Cardio-MetabolicScreens for inherited risks associated with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
Dtect CarrierScreens for carrier status of rare genetic disorders.
Dtect ChildScreens for inherited risks associated with paediatric conditions and developmental disorders.
Dtect Colon+Screens for inherited risks of colorectal cancer.
Dtect DermaScreens for various genetic markers associated with skin conditions and premature ageing.
Dtect FertilityScreens for genetic causes of infertility.
Dtect NeuroScreens for risks of various neurological conditions, including the brain, spine, and nerve-related disorders.
Dtect NPC+Screens for inherited risks of nasopharyngeal and other head and neck cancers.
Dtect OncoScreens for risk of a wide range of familial cancers.
Dtect PGxScreens for risk of adverse reactions to a wide range of prescription medications.
Dtect Prostate+Screens for genetic risk of prostate cancer.
Dtect Sports and FitnessScreens for traits or conditions relating to sports and fitness performance.
Dtect WellnessScreens for various health traits that affect general health and nutrition management, mental and physical performance, and injury risks.